Grid Sizes


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Hey all, recently discovered the grid size is set to 10,000, I am interested to see that number go higher... to about the 15k-18k mark so people can build the stations/ships they really want to.

Currently in the process of building a station and discovered this limitation was in effect... any thoughts?


WoW Team
I agree. Limitations being put on the players in worlds otherwise devoid of interactable medium leads into a quick ceiling. There is not NPC interactions, no environmental interactions that players need to worry about, no other players for people to worry about.

So if the only thing to do is to gather and build then there needs to be less in the way of restrictions in what can and cannot be built. Additionally I know that there is some limitations on what can be done in order to keep the server healthy, but if we are to suggest ways to breath life into something like this then we cannot handcuff players as they will not stay long term without the proper engagement.

We need to update grid size and the limitations of specific items in general to make it a worth while venue for players to thrive in.


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I still need to research what the latest reasonable limits are in relation to performance. including drills, and some other block limits

These limits were originally set prior to the big MP update. At the time they were set generously, and since the MP update many of them have increased.

The limit on grid size is universal for ships, and stations, large or small. Large ships put a massive load on the server, so we need to be careful.

If we have room to increase those limits further without risking server performance we will do so.

In the meantime the most common work-around is building modular stations, using merge blocks.