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Before disabling the storage mod on AB, @DudeAwesome and I decided to try one more time to solve the problem with its settings.

As a result we were able to prevent an exploit that allowed Non-native AB dinos into the map.
Currently only dinos that are NORMALLY allowed can be released form the ORBs

Further more we found a way to allow "Classic Rock Drakes" back into AB Via the Storage ORBs.

Happy gaming Survivors, and sorry to those who were forced to move orbs off the map.

Edit: we are also going to limit Storage slots for ORBs to 50. This is down from 90. We believe a 90 slot limit MAY be the cause for few crashes we have seen on RAG. This will not be Retroactive, meaning if you have more than 50 ORBs in a container they will stay there until you pull them out.
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