For once something nice to say ;)


Hello all,

I've been with you rev lot for a while now, and I have got to say you guys are one of the best clans, scrap that the best clan I have ever been with. Every single person is willing to have a laugh, chat and game with me. Well that and can put up with my rage xD.

It's been a pleasure so far, and thanks for having me.

Oh and I'm getting back into dayz a lot atm, so @NinjaGirl you better get yourself ready.

Also please never take my insults/comments as mean or rude, my Yorkshire humour means that u'north we call each other dickheads as a greeting :p

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Glenn!! You big softie you brought a tear to my eye!!!

That's such an amazing thing to hear! I am happy that you like it here and I think that at the beginning people didnt understand the humour (being irish and having a serious sarcasm problem i could relate to a degree) but you have become an important part of our community and I am happy to have you here!!! (even if you were poached :D:D :D:D:D)

Your streaming now right? Me and @ItzTirtex007 are gonna stream snipe you @D Just kidding - wanna do some dayz maybe tonight? I kinda feel right now like I cant leave csgo until I beat @xxxihero in ranks :D

Make a deal you Tirtex and Fletch carry me to MGE before xxxihero and the Aug with attachments and backpack of food are all yours :D

I didnt find anyone who knew of a megaloot on their servers but I will keep an ear out cos I know there is an update tonight meaning that tomorrow (unless they have the game working 100% perfectly) there will be glitch spawns in places.
Also a little birdie told me that if you take something out of a house and wait 30 seconds it respawns now? Havent seen it myself but i trust my sources :D


I wouldn't say poached, I was getting bored of the NAC, and was looking for a community rather than a event based place to speak to peeps.

And sure dayZ tonight is my plan, I learnt today that the east has no loot anymore no wonder me and my friend are almost starving to death xD

Oh and yer in Yorkshire the humour is so much different to how it is in other places, this is why I left/forced to leave the NAC as they didn't get my humour :(

Anyway, I want to get more involved with the clan so if there's any administrating stuff or anything you need help with let me know.


@Glenn the option is always there and there is always need for help but at this second in time we are just rejigging a couple of things so right now no, but in the future I may call upon your expertise :D