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Our servers are currently set to default with a Tamed Dino Limit of 3700. This is going to be Changed to 8000 for the whole server. Currently there are no limits to how many tamed dinos a tribe can have. We are going to change that to a limit of 400 dinos per tribe.

Tribes have so many dinos mostly for the purpose of producing kibble for breeding/taming. We feel this is a poor game mechanic so we are going to enable a feature of S+ called the Item Collector. This will Allow people to be more efficient at farming with less dinos.

Finally there is an outstanding issue concerning Aberrations transfer status. Some players have dinos that were locked out of there home map. We are going to re-enable transfers for Aberration to allow players to bring native dinos back to that map. Only dino's that were FROM Aberration can go back, Drake's CAN NOT go back to Aberration (Due to a classic flyers bug)!!!!

  • Server Tamed Dino limit going from 3700 to 8000
  • Adding Per Tribe Tamed Dino cap of 400
  • Enabling Item Collector (S+ feature)
  • Enabling transfer to Aberration to allow native dinos to be brought back.
These changes will be implemented this weekend, specific are to be announced.

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