**Conan Exiles** --Rate Changes--


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Hey all!

So we decided to tone down the rates for our Conan server a bit...or tone UP technically ;)

Here are the new rates!

EXP: 1x changed to 2x
Spoil Time: 1x changed to 2x

Harvest: 2x changed to 4x

Setting Changes

  • Purges have been enabled.
  • Containers now ignore ownership meaning anyone can access them by default, BUT they can now be locked.
  • Mods have been removed
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Hey Yo - been playing Conan and love the gameplay, fight mechanics - so much smoother than ARK!

Wanted to ask what anyone thought about a PvE style Conan server, with settings tuned up for like, really intense and very frequent purges....

Think Conan but tuned to be more like 7 days? Because, right now, CE has a pretty limited endgame... great mechanics, cool buildings... but nothing to do with 'em!


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Glad to see some interest in this!
I'm all for it except for the fact that purges STILL seem to be pretty broken.
Still though, if the interest is there, I think we should DEF try it!