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Classic Flyers


Server Admin
Staff member
Dear Ground Dwellers,

Our flyers have been nerf’d HARD. Anyone who is not familiar with Wildcards latest patch (v256) should visit the Official Ark Forums. Basically in game flight is completely broken for most PvE players. While we wait for w/c to find a path back to sanity with the flight mechanics I propose we use the mod Classic Flyers. This is intended to be a temporary solution. Once w/c has flying balanced again we will REMOVE THE MOD. This will effectively be a nerf on our end, so I would HIGHLY suggest players follow the discussion on the official forums so we know what kind of settings we are going to end up with. That is assuming they reach a point that we as a community are comfortable with. We do have an option to vote this MOD in permanently if w/c can’t reach a reasonable balance.

The MOD can be installed and removed without risk to our current tames. Check out the link above for more info. At this point id like to know what everyone else thinks!!



New member
I would say give it a week or so to see where W/C go with this one , Yeah it sucks flyers are being brought into line but at least now other dino's have a value other than just eggs.


Server Admin
Staff member
It would bring all flyer stats back to Pre-Nerf stats. And this would be to get us out of the woods, at least until they sort out the final balance.

My issues with the current Nerf....

W/c Nerf'd birds down way too far. I don't agree with their logic that they wanted to start from the ground up. I think it was just a lazy move because....

Fliers don't trivialize land content more than they should... and they should to an extent. What makes land content more trivial than it should be is the severe bugged out nature of using land dinos on follow, Dino AI is a huge issue. If they want players more interested in land content then they need to fix it.

A player with just a few points in speed can out run a bird. Now birds just seem unrealistically slow.

Now for PvE reasons? I cant think of anything that needed changing. For PvP reasons? They needed to cap speed. They already nerf'd melee and health into the ground... they weren't that strong.

For me personally... im gonna have a real hard time getting behind any setup that doesn't involve having points to put into speed again, and being able to drive speed up to at least 200%.

Something tells me w/c doesn't want to go anywhere near that.

Im willing to wait until this weekend before adding the mod. To see if they change their response.
I think that with the PvE focus of the two servers we play on there is no need to nerf the fliers. they are completely unusable at this time, a quetz which the point of it is to be able to carry large amounts of weight long distances as that's the type of dino it is was severally killed for that purpose i cant even fly from my base past the redwoods without landing. as for the other birds good luck taming other flyers as you cant keep up with a quetz to knock it out or kite argy without risking your pts life beyond what it should be. since our focus is not pvp on our servers i dont see the need to cut down birds so they arent "OP" since we arent using them to fight other players. i will admit ARK is a grindy game but i was okay with that because the birds helped making farming tolerable and taming a little more simple, but these nerfs have made the game even more grindy to a intolerable amount. it seems everything W/C is doing and adding to the game is trying to make it completely unplayable and harder specifically look at all the new dinos they are adding, almost every single one is designed to make doing anything a bitch to do, purlovias, microraptors, kaprosuckas, troodons, eels, jellies and there is nothing you can do to counter those. seems they are trying to make the game a pain. i get those dinos have great use in pvp cause they are great protectors of bases but for pve focus they make the game overly annoying sometimes as every time they add a new dino like that it is overpopulated. now i can manage those dinos and you can still play but then add the flyer nerf on top of that and it seems they are doing everything they can to make the game as difficult as possible, i don't mind a challenge which is why the dinos are fine but the nerf of animals meant to be better than land dinos just makes the game unnecessarily annoying. I would like to see the mod on the server until they fix their shit and i dont mind if their fix is a little less than what fliers were before as long as they are actually usable, and if it is not a fix that makes them usable id like to see the mod be permanent on the server. look at wyvrens they are supposed to be OP they are fucking dragons for goodness sake they are to be the apex predator of the game but now they are so shitty you cant even use the breath attacks without almost knocking yours out of the sky cause it drains all the stam from your wyvren. how is that supposed to make them the ultimate death machine that dragons are supposed to be? and with the speed being so bad on other birds people wont even be able to get eggs anymore either. so in the meantime until W/C has a fix or we get the mod i will be enjoying conan exiles making people slaves and fighting little annoying bitches i have found in those servers cause for real there are some really shitty people on their pvp servers. cant wait to come back to ark when the fliers are fixed.


Server Admin
Staff member
So the new patch was put out today and addressed A LOT of issues. However they have not made nearly the improvement to speed that fliers need IMO. I will be Installing the Classic flyer mod either tomorrow night, or Saturday night (which ever my schedule allows, Unless of course they buff speed between now and then ;)). I expect this to be temporary.


Server Admin
Staff member
Just a heads up, I will be doing some research and making some changes to classic flyers hopefully over the next week or so. My intent is to try and bring them a little more in-line with vanilla settings. I still completely disagree with W/C move to get rid of speed points altogether. But I also think flyers a bit too fast in their classic state. I will try and post a list of changes here before hand.