Better Spawn Distribution


This sounds wonderful.

Only "issues" I could see is people who have built in high risk areas getting stomped on by higher levels now... But that should also be understood once you build in a risky spawn space.

I'm all for it.


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Can we also get better spawn distribution of Gigas on Rag lol :p. Some days, not a single Giga will spawn!!! Rwarrrrr


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Rag really could use better Giga spawns. I'm not trying to whine. But there have been several times when I have flown around Rag for 2 days straight for several hours, and not spotted a single Giga. And we all know how I am with Gigas... I also take the time and clear out Giga spawn areas and still nothing. Right now it seems like The Center is gold. Would love for all maps to have that same feeling :)


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So we still need to test this out, and make sure it doesn't blow anything up :p. Once we do I think we'll be able to start a vote to get it into the servers!


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Trying to find Gigas on Rag Lol!!! It used to be good, but for some reason, it hardly even has a single Giga spawned at once. Easily can go 2 days without seeing a Giga.