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An Argument for Scorched Earth

Should we add Scorched Earth?

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New member
So for a long time I've understood the common view of Scorched Earth to be a failed WC map, and Ragnarok as the savior of SE gameplay. However, overtime I've realized a number of serious downsides to just having Ragnarok as a complete replacement.

a) Notes/Lore/etc: For some players, the drive to play Ark is not centered around building or taming, but around the exploration of the Ark world. Right now, if you main a character on the Rev cluster you have to recognize that at some point your character is never going to finish the game the way WC intended - by exploring scorched earth.

b) achievements: combined with exploring the Ark world is the completion of achievements... taming all the dinos (phoenix, anyone?), collecting all of the notes, etc. Again, you either have to join another server, or go to single player.

c) Scorched Earth dinos as intended: As we speak, the common understanding seems to be that dinos like the thorny dragon or the morellatops are simply toys. They don't compare to their island counterparts in efficiency or effectiveness; and simply-put, they weren't meant to be. They were meant to build on a very specific atmosphere and set of challenges designed around the Scorched Earth Map.

This all seems to be an unfortunate loss; and I think with the final Ark map arriving in November it would be really cool to see what merit there is in having a "complete" cluster. Additionally, Scorched Earth would give players of having fresh real estate away from the dozens of high-level player bases that dot the existing maps and duke it out with the elements as WC intended.

I realize this map has been tried before, and people flocked to the other maps and didn't give SE a chance. However, I will say that that was then, and things are different. Likely there will be some who still feel that way and the desert on Rag is all they need... However, one wonders about the daring few that would like to pursue fresh challenges within the comradery of of Revenant.


Server Admin
Staff member
I'm not at all opposed to trying this map once again. Indeed many circumstances have changed, especially with our hosting flexibility. That said we would be limiting other map options. I know at one point there was talk about running a RP map. We would need to put that idea on the back burner to ensure we have room for our future goals.


New member
Out of curiosity, what are the future goals for this server?

In my mind, and again, its just my personal 2c on the matter... the main goal people are after is to enjoy the main game: building and thriving on ark. PVP, roleplay, community events, etc are all great but they're extras that are nice once in a while but are not the reason why people play here; and ergo why only a limited number of people play them.

We could do something interesting with scorched earth, like have better loot but have the map as PVPVE, or something to make it more of a challenge.


Server Admin
Staff member
At this point we have tried without success to mix PvP, and PvE. Without strong community support for this idea I am inclined to open this map with settings that match the cluster it will associate with.

The goals I refer to are community goals that involve other games as well.

The only goals we have currently specifically for the ARK community is to maintain our current servers while having room for future ARK releases. We do want to improve events and event coordination to give players something a little more exciting.


New member
Ok, that all makes sense; I wanted to ensure I was on the right page with that.

So what criteria in your mind do we need to meet to move forward with a Scorched Earth map?
As much as I LOVE the map, I feel like opening another server that will be part of the cluster that, to be brutally honest, has content that IMHO most players wouldn't be interested in, since they can get most of it in their own backyard (Ragnrok) in spite of SE exclusives. I think it would be stretching our resources a bit too thin. Especially since Revenant is widening it's horizons to new game servers.

If you were to open a SE server, then I think it would have to be it's own "thing" in order to keep players interested (RP as mentioned, high rate, heavily-moded, or.....PvP....yeah...., ect)

This saddens me, since it offers such a different survival experience that Rag simply can not stand up to.
Contrary to what Dude is saying, I think this could be a great idea because of all of the new players we've been getting. Opening up more server space now makes a lot of sense and it could bring in more players who are looking for a SE server.
Is there public draw to an SE server? I've never played that map, but already finding issue in maintaining 2 maps without even looking at a 3rd (hardly play island)

I do like the idea of a new environment/SE exclusives. I don't personally play island at all for that main reason - everything is available on Rag for me.

If we can get more than 2-4 people to play it, it could be a fun addition to the cluster.