Age of Empires 2: a Role Playing Game Experience

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Hello everyone,

Today I was looking at some stuff from Age of Empires and then I thought of playing a role playing game.
What would a role playing game in age of empires be like?
well, the game would be different from the normal micromanagement, resource run, the the best.
The main idea of the game would be to create a history to the game with political intrigue, alliances, in-game rules like DMR - you wouldn't be able to attack another player just because, you would need to have a reason, like border crossing, capture of you resources, etc.
And even if you got the best our of a war, your objective wouldn't be to simply destroy the other player but like, once you got him on a corner and his defeat is inevitable you would make him pay tribute to you, force him to join your empire, force him to annexation and he would then need to follow your orders, stuff like this.

Let me give you guy an example of a possible dispute situation:
Players A and B share a border, after some time of border skirmishers between the two the situation escalates and all out war between the 2 players begins. after the war, player B is able to defeat A's armies and makes him surrender. At this point B as different option to enforce on A, like:
  • force and alliance with A
  • make A a client state (with or without tribute)
  • make A pay tribute
  • take A's king to your base and hold him for ransom (if your king dies you lose - regicide game type)
Now after whatever agreement was made A would need to play his part as the loser, but his game is not over! He can now try to get alliances with other players, build his own army and make war with B to regain his independence, or just play along... Even though he lost the war with B their arrangement might bring A prosperity since he now has the protection of B, or something like that.
During this time the other players can be doing their diplomacy/scheming of their own...

As you can see the idea is to make it political and heavy dependent on diplomacy.
With all of this I'm not saying that players can't be defeated and that war can't happen - war is inevitable! But it would be kinda bullshit if a players is out of the game right at the beginning...

There could also be AI players for you to conquer.

I'm still thinking of the best way to do all of this and a test run would be great, use it like a proof of concept. some rules that I thought of:
  • game speed slow - make time for peace talks
  • game could be paused because:
    • game is taking too long and I need to make tee (you guys know who you are)
    • peace talks with high impact in the game/players
  • regicide game mode - you have a king, he can't attack and if he dies you lose!
  • in-game rules: respect peace time, agreements, with punishments like having to pay tribute...
  • Open to ideas....
What do you guys think? Any takers? Ideas? feedback is greatly appreciated
This is your change to role play your own version of Game of Thrones :p
I would like to do a test run with some voluntaries to get the rules right, game parameters and so during the weekend...



sorry for the long post!

one other thing, since the main objective is play it as a RPG, you don't have to worry too much about your skill. The winner will probably be the one who can scheme the best... Tywin Lannister style hehehe


I'll try this out with you at the weekend if you want @[USERGROUP=8]Members[/USERGROUP] anyone else?


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You sure you want to have the same fate as Tywin? lol

I think this is a really cool idea Pois. I don't have the game but it would certainly be something I checked out.


cool idea, it doesn't really sound like my thing, but g'luck with it :D


Hello dude, since we already have 4 volunteers, what about doing the test run for tomorrow? afternoon maybe...
We can also do it today if you guys can do it