A DEMO DERBY EXTRAVAGANZA!!! Our 2nd Server Wide Gathering

Payne Couliard

Revenant Member
A free to attend, server wide event!!!!!!

Saturday June 1st 2019


What exactly is a demo derby you may ask?
Well, this demo derby is being modeled after a good old fashioned upper mid-western USA "Free For All"

5 vehicles will enter the arena... the last one still mobile will be declared the victor.

But.. we will be throwing in a couple twists...

All details will be provided soon, but let's just say you don't need to do any early design planning of your car.

To help keep lag to a minimum, we are going to set up a med bay open to everyone. So please, leave your ships and rovers in your home area.
We will not be providing a GPS landing point or orbit point.
You will be able to spawn at our public facility right on the derby site. (Instructions on how to make this easy for you will be posted soon)
This event will be on earth, so the air is plentiful and the power will be free.

If the build isn't your thing you are still welcome to come out and watch the Revenant servers physics calculations get strained to the MAX!

To make this available as many people as possible the event will start at:
6:00 pm Western European Time
1:00 pm Eastern Time
12:00 noon Central Time
11:00 am Mountain Time
10:00 am Pacific Time

And Runs until the officials call it.


Payne Couliard

Revenant Member
Well, We had a blast.
The participants were:
Vile Muskrat, Kenny, Chadwhit, Carl, Solus, Mehdi & Payne

A lot of creativity and great engineering was put on the field. We had 5 runs and in the end the derby grounds looked like a meteor crater.
Congrats to Chadwhit who took the Gold by winning 4 of the 5 runs and the 5th was a tie between Kenny and Chadwhit.
Pictures are available in the Discord Feed!!

We hope you all can join us in the next event... I hear rumors of it taking place in space and at high speed.

Payne Couliard.