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  1. RivaCom

    Looking to Join

    Hi DarkkSkyrow! Welcome to the community! Forgive the mismash of site nonsense right now as awe are currently in the process of fixing a lot of stuff.
  2. RivaCom

    Switching from Space Engineers to Empyrion

    The only problem is I don't think we have a lot of players with Emp, so to tell all of our SE players hey, were switching off SE so go buy Emp wouldn't be the best move. We can def. consider opening a Emp server but I don't think at the cost of a SE Server.
  3. RivaCom

    Open Staff Positions

    Recruitment Manager of Console Gaming - In charge of Divisions under Console Gaming, it is there choice on what Division’s should start up and who runs them, they help resolve any issues that are happening and help build towards the future of the Console Gaming Divisions Division Leaders -...
  4. RivaCom

    New Staff

    Hello All you Revenantians ? I just wanted to take a quick second to introduce two members who are going to help out around the house. So please welcome DudeAwesome and Darkele to the ranks of Community Managers - Recruitment. They will be assisting in the day to day operations to get...
  5. RivaCom

    The State of Revenant - April edition

    Hello Revenant Members and Future Members! It's been a long time coming and we want to give a little bit of info on future projects. As a community we are always looking for community feedback. To start, you may have noticed a site redesign. New skin, new features and new software. Current...
  6. RivaCom

    Post your Battlestations

    @Westicles I need a 9 FT by 30 in desk here pronto, lets go go go!
  7. RivaCom

    Post your Battlestations

    When it's 80+ out, it's about 60 or so in the basement. It's not bad. So I prefer summer over the cool NY winters. Yes it is the X540, although I only have the 3 speakers hooked up atm. Also for anyone that's wondering the speaker looking thing on the back of my chair is a bass shaker, adds...
  8. RivaCom

    Post your Battlestations

    Ok, Don't have a decent picture yet. But this will have to do as I'm always changing stuff. Unfortunately I've always been banished to the basement so it's cold 99% of the time. Waiting on @Sipowicz to come finish it for me. Anyway , I introduce you to my Family/Streaming setup. Main...
  9. RivaCom

    currently doing a project with a little windows tablet (sorry if posting here is no longer en vogue)

    That's very odd. I have a similar tablet(Asus Vivotab 8) It uses a older processor(Z3745) and also has 2GB of ram and 32GB of storage. I have a 64GB card in there for apps. However I loaded Win10 instantly when it came out and have had zero problems with windows 10. Which is odd since there...
  10. RivaCom

    Post your Battlestations

    Decided to start a post for players battle stations. Good way to show off that rig of yours!
  11. RivaCom


  12. RivaCom

    Free Games from Ubisoft(World in Conflict & Assassin's Creed: BF).

    Can't beat free for two decent games. Only downside is using ubisoft launcher.
  13. RivaCom

    Saytena's Application

    Welcome! To be honest I was quite shocked to hear from anyone regarding Pantheon. I apologize that I don't recall you or your wife. But we did have a different name prior to Revenant(Equi - something). Any who glad you found us. I'll give you the good news/bad news of the whole situation...
  14. RivaCom

    Approved Wooki3's Application

    Welcome Wooki3! I'm sure you will enjoy Revenant's Ark servers. They are run by @Sipowicz , and he does a great job updating and maintaining them. I'm sure he will be around soon to give you the run down.