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    Free Games from Ubisoft(World in Conflict & Assassin's Creed: BF).

    Can't beat free for two decent games. Only downside is using ubisoft launcher.
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    Saytena's Application

    Welcome! To be honest I was quite shocked to hear from anyone regarding Pantheon. I apologize that I don't recall you or your wife. But we did have a different name prior to Revenant(Equi - something). Any who glad you found us. I'll give you the good news/bad news of the whole situation...
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    Approved Wooki3's Application

    Welcome Wooki3! I'm sure you will enjoy Revenant's Ark servers. They are run by @Sipowicz , and he does a great job updating and maintaining them. I'm sure he will be around soon to give you the run down.
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    **ARK Voting, Donations, Ads!**

    Are you talking about the steam guard? That is just a security feature and I'd recommend keeping it.
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    Star Wars Battlefront

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    A New Revenant requires New Staff

    Hello all! Revenant is trying to reunite what it once was many years ago(Can you believe will be 6 years old this month?) So with that, we need staff to help make a big push for new games, events, and swag for all the members! So, we are looking for people who want to help make Revenant a...
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    Member of the Month - January

    So we decided to start a new thing here at RG, and that is to shine the spotlight on members who have gone above and beyond to make RG a great place to hang out. So each month we will be giving a member, a MotM post similar to this one. So to start out the new year, I'd like to congratulate...
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    Temp Theme Issues

    Seems to have had a issue with our style we use for our site, so you will see this ugly theme for a bit until we can nail the issue.
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    Ark Revolution Event!

    Since rates have permanently been increased our weekend REvolution events will also change to follow in line with official servers (effective 3x harvesting, taming, and EXP). This change is up for discussions on this post.
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    Ark Revenant Gaming welcomes new Ark Server (Home of former Server 54 players)

    Thanks to our very own @Sipowicz ! There is now a home for former Server 54 players to call home. Sipowicz has been running on Server 54 for many months and if you haven't run into him yet, you should with his grand total of 1,705 hours. If you are coming from Server 54 and would like help...
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    Clan News Platinum Titurius (Kind of a big deal) Congrats to our first REV Member to reach Platinum status for Overwatch. Congrats to him and hopefully we see diamond real soon.
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    Clan News A member, guildmate, friend, and a letdown

    Hello everyone, I've been running Communities almost my whole life. I started back in the very beginning of the Counter-Strike Era managing a small CS Beta clan(Clan Avalanche) and moved to managing other communities much larger(SectionVIII-Xbox 360). I've seen my deal of drama, I've seen the...
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    Clan News Discord Chat/Voice Server

    Hello all! We've decided to trial out Discord's Voice communication Suite for a bit to see if it's a viable replacement to Team Speak. Please join it by clicking the widget on the main page or click the link below. Let us know any issues you may/may not be having.
  15. RivaCom

    Rev returning for Legion.

    With the pre-patch hitting recently and invasions coming to WoW, Rev has geared up for a big return to the raiding scene. Were looking for all social players to come join us for the fun. Reminder that Revenant plays on Stormrage for the Alliance (I know). Shoot a reply or message to Rexigar...