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    PREPARE FOR WAR! PVP EVENT COMING REAL SOON! The event will be on the 30th of December, YES we know this is short notice, BUT there is good news there! Yes we know its around the holidays, but noticed a lot of people still play during the holidays, SO lets prepare to ring in the new year with...
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    Putting the Titanosaur to Work

    im apparently really blind, i didnt see the part about enabling feeding lol whooops
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    Putting the Titanosaur to Work

    titanos only last like 7 days though dont they? or is that official pvp only?
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    An Argument for Scorched Earth

    i am responding kinda late to this convo lol BUT i have been putting the bug in SIPs ear for awhile now to do a RP server, never really done it before but think it could be new and fun. If SE was made to be a RP server i would have no issues with that haha
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    Trophy Transfers

    all for trophy and ele transfers, spot on explanation phil
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    WhiteWalkers PVP Event

    YES! we are planning on September 21st or 22nd, plan on 2-3 hours and probably a start time of 8 est. if anyone has suggestions or issues with times or date let me know, wed like max participation
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    WhiteWalkers PVP Event

    we have planned this event so far out to give people ample time to prepare, hoping people put in maximum effort into preparing :)
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    WhiteWalkers PVP Event

    WhiteWalkers will be hosting a PVP event! We will build a raid base somewhere on RAG. The location will not be given until the event, unless you find it and want to scout it during building process ;). We are shooting for the weekend of September 15th. The base difficulty will be chosen based...
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    **Settings and MOD suggestions** (S+ SETTINGS)

    I see your point with the S+ collector but at the same time i guess i have always had a kibble farm and kinda used to it haha it adds another task you have to do in order to achieve the next level, an added thing that takes a little extra work to make things easier in the long run instead of it...
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    **Settings and MOD suggestions** (S+ SETTINGS)

    agreed, tribe imprinting would be really nice to have
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    REVolution event schedcule

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    REVolution event schedcule

    so the 2x rate would last a week?
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    Ragnarok PvP

    they basically are played by people that want a pve type game play and now that you have a pvp server, having the cluster as just PvE would be fine i think. new people coming into them do seem confused by the concept of pvpve and dont tend to stay long really. i think if they were pve people who...
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    Week-long Event

    this would be awesome!
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    Classic Flyers

    i think it should because i can def see how for solo players this nerf really kills the game