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  1. DudeAwesome

    Lights Out | PvP Tranq Event: March 25, 2018 @ 8 PM EST

    Hello fellow Revenant survivors! Meet up on the event map at the above date for some awesome shenanigans and malarkey of all sorts. Bring yourself and your honed wits, to the Colosseum, to battle and conquer! The plan is to have 2 teams (Orange and Green) go head to head, but this time, with a...
  2. DudeAwesome

    Server Settings, and MOD Suggestions

    From the looks of it, MRRadTools.INC Content Pack looks sooooo good with some limitations on like the weapons and such. Also PLATFORMS PLUS, YO!
  3. DudeAwesome

    New Games to Host???

    The first candidates to come to my mind, would be ARK: Survival of the Fittest or Space Engineers. SoTF Still needs some TLC, but is still a blast.
  4. DudeAwesome

    Revenant site under construction!!

    You guys, da best!
  5. DudeAwesome

    Extreme Boat Racing: March 24, 2018 @ 7 PM est

    Oh! It's on!
  6. DudeAwesome

    Server Settings, and MOD Suggestions

    Seems cool. The only problems I see are as follows: 1. Classic Flyers. If we DO decide to use CF as the medium for drake breeding, we will be required to make all drakes classic, which I'm not sure is something we want, eg. more stam, lvl-able speed, MORE transfer issues, and last and most...
  7. DudeAwesome

    Aberration BABY!

    Aberration BABY!
  8. DudeAwesome

    Aberration and PvP

    This would be AMAZING, and would benefit all servers in the cluster as a whole. All in
  9. DudeAwesome

    Aberration and PvP

    Forgive me for stepping on people's toes, but quite honestly, the people who have been playing on the Rag and Island severs are getting a just a little screwed over with this little "settings change". We had a month to play in peace and quiet without any problems thinking nothing was going to...
  10. DudeAwesome

    Aberration and PvP

    Yes, just items, the rule of only Ab dinos in and out is a given in my eyes, I mean flyers would completely defeat the purpose of the game. My thinking is that it should be: Toons back and forth Aberration only dinos back and forth Items back and forth (Main change being items INTO Aberration)...
  11. DudeAwesome

    Aberration and PvP

    So, a lot of players have shown dislike in the fact of no transfer to Aberration from the Island and Ragnarok, including myself. The PvP idea for Aberration was proposed to appease that PvP "itch" that alot of PvE'ers get over time, from the long extensive boring play of same ol' same ol', not...
  12. DudeAwesome

    Aberration and PvP

    Soooo.... since we have the new S+ collector in all of it's easy glory, how are we supposed to power it, since it requires propellant to run.
  13. DudeAwesome

    Aberration and PvP

    Just thought I'd throw this out there. I've spoken with some of the Revenant Community and they seem to agree that no S+ forges and chem benches seem a little brutal. I mean not many players are thrilled to throw away 2500 metal just because of a bad obstruction with a wall (not fun). The...
  14. DudeAwesome

    PvP Server, Yes... Again!!

    I'm lovin it! I also like the 12 Hour raid rule, along with no consecutive raids on the same tribe within 2 nights. One more thing, we want the HG stacking mod, yes? If so which one, since the mod dev has many versions offering different stacks and weight reductions.