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  1. DudeAwesome

    Pvp unmanned Base/Maze raid. july 7, 2018 @ 8 PM EST

    Yay! Hope to make it!
  2. DudeAwesome

    Lights Out | PvP Tranq Event: June 24, 2018 @ 8 PM EST

    Hello fellow Revenant survivors! Welcome the NEW & IMPROVED LIGHTS OUT Event Meet up on the event map at the above date for some awesome shenanigans and malarkey of all sorts. Bring yourself and your honed wits, to the Colosseum, to battle and conquer! The plan is to have 2 teams (Orange and...
  3. DudeAwesome


    Welcome Exiles! To Revenant Gaming’s own Conan Exiles Unofficial Server! Community Goal: Hey there! To summarize the Revenant Community’s goal, we are looking for a balanced gameplay with NO drama and lots of hilarious times with friends. We come from all walks of life, veteran and...
  4. DudeAwesome

    Revenant's PVE Revelation!

    First things first, and most importantly! Will I be able to blow shizz up? If so, then we have ourselves a done deal!:LOL:
  5. DudeAwesome

    PVP on a PVE server?!

    Totally down for this! Definitely something I've wanted to do! I know some of the admins would enjoy building something like this, but as @Ellium said, there is a command to give normal players access to Creative Mode (It disables on logout), so anybody with ideas could participate in the...
  6. DudeAwesome

    New Toys for ARK!

    Holy crap, YES! All 3 would be super welcomed in my eyes. AYE!
  7. DudeAwesome

    Post your Battlestations

    Oh dear.....I'm not sure I want to let peeps know about my potato-*coughs* I mean beastly rig....ya know, I wouldn't want to ya know, embarrass anyone.... JK JK GPU: GTX 750 TI CPU: i5 6500 MOBO: Something or other mobo....can't remember RAM: 16 GB DDR4 HDD: Berracuda 2TB Hybrid MONITORS...
  8. DudeAwesome

    Crab Basketball: May 5, 2018 @ 8 PM EST

    Sounds like a great time! Hope to be there.
  9. DudeAwesome

    Vote To Wipe "The Volcano"

    Oh man, that map could really have some potential. Still needs some work obviously.
  10. DudeAwesome

    Vote To Wipe "The Volcano"

    Shigo Islands, baby!
  11. DudeAwesome

    PvP Server, Yes... Again!! make eating rocks a compelling argument.....
  12. DudeAwesome

    Vote To Wipe "The Volcano"

    NO flyers could be VERY interesting....I'm up for it. Concerning Crystal Isles, I know it's a serious WIP. However if we are looking for an unofficial map, maybe we could give Shigo Islands a go.
  13. DudeAwesome

    Vote To Wipe "The Volcano"

    I would think so. The high rates really make it necessary.
  14. DudeAwesome

    Vote To Wipe "The Volcano"

    3 months seems like a good schedule. Concerning mods, I was thinking maybe we could give Super Spyglass( ) a go along with The Last Grapple( ) They seems like stable...
  15. DudeAwesome

    PvP Server, Yes... Again!!

    Glad to see this brought back into discussion! I'm with @Ryowatanabe201 about the rates. They just seem too high considering that nobody PvPs on Ab anymore. I feel like bringing it into the "PvE Cluster" would be the best course of action at this point. This would include the normal 2x rates...