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    Alas survivors.... Wildcard has released yet even more DLC, and as always, they don't let us down! The new map is called Valguero and presents a very attractive gameplay. Valguero Announcement Video: FAQ...
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    Open Division Application for shade_ilmaendu

    Hey there and welcome! Glad to see you're enjoying yourself and registering!
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    Dino storage settings.

    HUH I didn't know that the nanny wouldn't feed them....Good to know and fix. Not gonna lie though, I love souling unclaimed babies and then just looking through them to see if they're any good.
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    Open Division Application for SlayerofG

    Welcome aboard, friend!
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    Open Division Application for Bran

    Hey there! Welcome to the cool kid's table!
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    Revenant's Customized Beacon Drops

    Hey survivors! This tread is long overdue, friends... The servers have been needing AND promised a drop loot change and re-vamp by ... yours truly... for quite some time now. It's time to get back on track with it. We started with Aberration when we first released the map (Back when it was...
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    Dino storage settings.

    I too don't have any objections to these changes. I merely was setting the mod up to resemble our old V1 configuration. Ideas anyone?
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    Better Spawn Distribution

    As of today, the Island, SE, Ext, and Aberration have all been loaded up with this API. Dino wipes still need to be done.
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    Open Division Application for Kronic_Jones

    Hey there and welcome aboard!
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    Better Spawn Distribution

    So we still need to test this out, and make sure it doesn't blow anything up :p. Once we do I think we'll be able to start a vote to get it into the servers!
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    Better Spawn Distribution

    I'd like to see some of the community's impression of it, maybe we can play with it and see if we like it.
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    Better Spawn Distribution

    This is really neat!
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    Update S+ Settings.

    Yep, can confirm. Demo gun has crashed me, disconnected me, and royally screwed up my game files in certain instances. If we could somehow limit the rapid fire shooting, we'd be bueno, but as far as I can see, there aren't any settings that support this....
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    Putting the Titanosaur to Work

    I say we go for it. Could be loads of fun!
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