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Hello! I see you're reading all about me, ya creep!


Hi, my name is Nathan, but most of you all know me as Dude, DudeAwesome, The Dude, Señor Dude-Hombre, Sir-Dudes-Alot, your Excellence....alright maybe not that last one ;).

Anyhoo, I've been with Revenant since Thanksgiving of 2016, when the community had just started their own ARK server, and to this day, I still dump ridiculous amounts of time into ARK.

Currently as of writing this post, I'm a high-school student, part-time idiot (some would argue for full-time) and starving artist/musician.

I'm truly honored to have found this wonderful community and have them embrace me into their folds, as one of their own.
Nov 14, 2001 (Age: 16)


Hey Ya'll, watch this!...and don't forget to hold my beer.




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