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Apr 14, 1987 (Age: 31)
Hell. Care to join me? Misery loves company.




Tired of choosing the lesser evil?
Bored of the whole left and right, democrat and republican party politics?
You are in luck, for a new party called The Great Old Ones has arrived!
Their Presidential Candidate, the Great and Powerful Cthulhu, and Vice-Presidential Candidate, Father Dagon, promise to open vistas of terrifying new realities and above all else serve you, the people.*
Upon their victory those of you who survive will either go mad from the revelations or be on your knees begging for a new dark age!
Vote for Cthulhu and Dagon now!

- The preceding advertisement was paid for by the Esoteric Order of The Great Old Ones, and co-funded by the Order of Dagon.
*With Tartar Sauce and Chips. Mmmm!


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