Ark Community Crunch 288: ExtraLife Team Sign-Up, Community Corner, and More!


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Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch!

This week we're preparing for Fear Evolved 5 which will run from Tuesday, October 26th until Tuesday, November 9th! We'll be sharing the full event details in the next Community Crunch. In addition to Fear Evolved, Extra Life is right around the corner!

If you've never tuned in for our 24-hour ExtraLife stream, you're in for a treat! As usual, we'll be sharing upcoming ARK info, playing games, and most importantly raising money for kids in need for 24 hours! It all goes down on November 6th at 10am PDT. Join us for our seventh ExtraLife event and help us raise some money #ForTheKids!

If you are interested in joining our team to help raise money, we'd love to have you! Check out this link for more information on how to get started[]. All donations go to the Extra Life organization and contribute to raising the Official Network rates! We'll be sharing an event outline and details on boosted Official Network rates in the near future!

There is no EVO event this week!

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How unstoppable is this duo? You watch and be the judge!

Creator: Flipsider Entertainment
Getting a little tired of your setup? Take a look at an episode of Extreme Home Makeovers: ARK Edition!

Allosaurio by norat5224

ARK Experience in Nutshell by LastKrystalDragon

Tyrannosaurus by _morena_goddes_

Untitled by DiscountWendigo#5827

My Best Mana Art by Zock#4258

Best kitty of the ARK! by @Alvozath

Untitled by @VELUKO1




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