ARK items lost ticket format


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ARK items lost ticket format:
-In Game Player Name/Tribe Name
-Map items were lost
-Coordinates of Tribe's Base
-Reason for loss

If requesting lost dinos:
-Dino Level, Dino Class, Dino Name, Last map the dino was soul orbed on.

If requesting gear:
-dmg%/armor level, quality (jm/mc/asc) (Durability cannot be set on respawned gear)

If requesting items:
-# of item lost

*If requesting replacement of high dmg/high armor gear/high value items, proof of previous ownership/loss may be required.

*Tips for proof:
-if you notice your game not responding (I.E.: can't open storage containers/dinos, can't mount/dismount dinos, etc.) Screenshot your inventory.
-F12 is Steams default screenshot button.
-If your bag falls into the ground, use K-mode to Screen shot it under the mesh/inaccessible.

-Please remember these are requests and replacement is not guaranteed. We will almost always replace items from Server Rollbacks.

-Issues like in game killzones, flying outside the barrier on Extinction, loss of bag in dungeons, unable to locate bags, etc. are not grounds for replacement and part of being ARK'd unfortunately.
@ARK Admins will use their discretion to determine replacement.

-Admins will do our best to replace items in a timely manner.

-Please remember that all Staff is volunteer based, and we will get to assisting players as soon as someone is able to.

-Sometimes mass loss can happen from a map rollback. In this case, it can take time for the staff to recover everything and may take a couple days to reach everyone. If you feel as you've been overlooked, feel free to ping the admins on Discord in #rev-support to check on replacement status


Phillip - White Walkers
Map Rollback (6/21/2020 @1:00 AM CST)

218 Tek Rex, no name, last souled on Ragnarok

278% Cross Bow
156% JM Ghillie Chest

220 Tranq Arrows


Staff member
ARK Admin
Please use this format in #Rev-Support on our Discord Channel for requests