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  1. Ellium

    WOW Classic - The Revenant Guild and you!

    With the pending release of World of Warcraft classic on 8-27-2019, and with a lot of careful consideration and with the Staff's blessing, we will be organizing a guild for the upcoming launch of the game. Come to be a part of the community and experience the old school WOW that we have been...
  2. Ellium

    Why so serious?

    Why so serious?
  3. Ellium

    ***Potential Mods

    The community and its players need more engagement. If that as simple as adding in a planet that is stricky PVP will allow us to have something. To have a faction claim a planet and be engaged when we want to is more fun then just building. Additionally adding in NPC events and things for the...
  4. Ellium

    Grid Sizes

    I agree. Limitations being put on the players in worlds otherwise devoid of interactable medium leads into a quick ceiling. There is not NPC interactions, no environmental interactions that players need to worry about, no other players for people to worry about. So if the only thing to do is...
  5. Ellium

    Element Bug

    While I certainly understand and appreciate that this is an issue that is caused directly by the game itself, it is also a hinderance to the end game of ARK itself and to those members of tribes that are trying to accomplish these tasks. In brief conversations with admins I have been made aware...
  6. Ellium

    PVP on a PVE server?!

    I am down for this. I am also more then willing to provide my time and effort in helping to build the base in my down time (working from home gives me a lot of free time). Tell me what you need to make this happen. Happy to get to work on this now if you wanted. Just let me know!
  7. Ellium

    *Vote* Floating Damage Text

    As stated on the previous mod request, forum traffic dictates responses. We have asked those active players that we have seen on our servers and most support these additions, or don't care if they are implemented. Not sure what can be done to show that.
  8. Ellium

    *Vote* Reusable MOD suggestion

    My concern with that there is that there isn't enough traffic to these forums. Most average players that are on our servers haven't even registered and I would imagine even more still wouldn't have even looked at the forums. Given the brief conversations we have with those active on the...
  9. Ellium

    *Vote* Reusable MOD suggestion

    Any discussion from the admins if they care to implement this? I think this is a good change and should be a nice quality of life switch.
  10. Ellium

    *Vote* Floating Damage Text

    Bump. Are we still considering this? I know that Dark and myself have been trying to push this change so that we can judge damage during boss fights in the near future.
  11. Ellium

    *Vote* Reusable MOD suggestion

    Sip and Admin team. I am all for this as well. Grapples are incredibly expensive for one use movement. Sometimes they are necessary to demo structures or build things as well. Like to see this change implemented.
  12. Ellium

    The New Deal

    Sip, I have a number of concerns when it comes the changes outlined here. My tribe has been on the cluster for about 3 months now and we are just starting to get into the endgame functionality of Ark itself. There has been a lot of build up toward doing the bosses and unlocking the engrams for...
  13. Ellium

    *Vote* Floating Damage Text

    I am for this change. It would be nice to see, and be able to judge the damage being done by dinos and weapons that we are using. It would give us a better way to scale what we are doing or know where the break points are for how many points need to be placed into melee for a specific breed to...