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  1. Strax

    Ark Gen 2 mission progress disappeared

    Is there anyway to get my Gen 2 Mission progress back if it randomly disappears? Like Im still on the leader boards but my personal progress is gone
  2. Strax

    QOL Suggestion for Breeding

    This would clear up sooooo much space around the base and with these settings i feel it would be very similar to the collecting system already implemented. This is a great idea and I am all for it. Thank you Phil for your on going service to the ark servers.
  3. Strax

    Putting the Titanosaur to Work

    So is that a yes??
  4. Strax


    Can't wait!!
  5. Strax

    Putting the Titanosaur to Work

    I would also like to up vote this. I have never tamed one because i can't keep it but if i could That would be fun lol