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  1. Dev/Null

    The Aspiring Authors Thread.

    if you like to write feel free to post your work as i will. feel free to give ideas and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. and be prepared to receive the same. since i made the post i will go first with the restart of a book i tried to write years ago before the work was lost. WARNING it is going to be a...
  2. Dev/Null

    anyone know if this little NUC is worth a damn as an htpc? i already picked out some ram and an ssd to put in when i get it. OS isnt a problem either. ;) anyway if anyone has one could you tell me how it does heat wise when playing...
  3. Dev/Null

    currently doing a project with a little windows tablet (sorry if posting here is no longer en vogue)

    i got a hold of a (admittedly underpowered) insignia flex 11.6 (ns-p11w7100) windows tablet/2-in-1 for nothing since the person who had it before didnt know how to use it. decided since it is not really powerful enough to run windows properly, that i may was well try to get xubuntu (ubuntu linux...