New Dayz Server -
Are you over the age of 18?:
Where are you located?:
Alberta, Canada
What game are you applying for?:
Destiny 1 & 2
How did you hear about Revenant and what made you apply?:
Reddit, seems like a nice community with good organisation. The idea of becoming a staff member to help it grow is also very appealing.
Do you have a referral or know anyone in the guild?:
No, I do not.
Other info:
Platinum on OW Xbox, Gold on OW PC, just got destiny 2 for Xbox, play PUBG and R6Siege, I also work for an indie video game company that makes the game "Squad"
Do you have a headset or mic equivalent for voice comms?:
Do you accept and support our charter?:


Server Admin
Staff member
Speaking of organization, we have recently revamped a lot of it, including site memberships.

If you are still interested in becoming a member, let me know.