Space Engineers: Mod Suggestions


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Hello engineers! welcome to space engineers mod suggestion thread. Here you can leave suggestions for mods that you would like to see in the game! Please leave any suggestions that you may want to see. Keep careful consideration of when the last time a mod was updated as we may not consider mods that have not been updated in the previous months or years prior to Last major update to SE. We want to make sure that everyone can have an enjoyable experience here but also make sure that the server remains stable with the mods we implement. Also please leave the name of the mod and a link to it down below. :)

Thank you again!
-SE Admin-
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My main request, one that would make me infinitely happier, is to simply increase storage space back to the previous server's levels.

Please? Pretty please?

4000 personal inventory at a minimum. Right now it's just too much micromanagement. :(


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Enhanced Cockpit Concept Revival:

More Conveyors: (I like the thin small grid conveyor)

Nanobot Build and Repair System: (This looks real interesting for printing and repairing though I think it needs a way to limit to 1 per person.