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**Space Engineeers - Revenant Centauri** (INFORMATION/GUIDELINES)

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Server Admin
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Welcome Commanders!

To Revenant Gaming’s unofficial Space Engineers server!

Our Community: Is welcoming mature players, both Beginners, and Veterans. Our mission is to facilitate a "Long Lasting", and "Easy Going" gaming community. We have active Admins, and do our best to help everyone have a good time. Servers are hosted on High performance hardware, and located in Montreal.

Disclaimer: This game is VERY much Early access. That means a lot of bugs tend to surface. The Dedicated server software for this title leaves MUCH to be desired, which also creates a lot of problems. We do our best to keep the server running smoothly.

Revenant Centauri - (Opened 4/25/18)


  • 10x Inventory
  • 3x Assembler
  • 3x Refinery
  • Speed limit adjusted
    • Small Ships - 200m/s
    • Large Ships - 300m/s
  • 30min Day/Night
  • LBR III SkyBox
  • Midspace's Admin Helper Commands
  • Health Regeneration enabled
Custom System
  • Realistic Earth - Spawn point
  • Realistic Moon - Spawn point
  • Realistic Mars - Spawn point
  • Allien Planet - Spawn point
  • RavCore (Lava Planet)
    • 3243039 - X
    • 2188697 - Y
    • 3068267 - Z
  • DreamWorld (Earthlike)
    • -2570160 - X
    • -1888919 - Y
    • 5856065 - Z

Server Guidelines:
  • Simply put, “Friendly Community” is the theme on this server.
  • PvE ONLY: There is no PvE setting, SO we expect players to respect the community rules. Otherwise any PvP activity will met with harsh repercussions.
  • We do not tolerate harassment of other players, griefing, or cheating. This Includes Hate speech or racial slurs.
Administrator Responsibilities: Admins will at their discretion kick or ban anyone who repeatedly violates our server guidelines, cheats, or harasses other players. Admin intervention is primarily to help players circumvent any serious issues resulting from server related bugs, or glitches.

For in-game assistance, or any other questions regarding Revenant Gaming Ark Servers please mention @Staff via Discord.

Join our Steam Group, or speak out via the Space Engineers Discussion Forum.

Administrators: Sipowicz, Wanna help out? Apply for a staff position!!

*Rules are subject to change ANY time at community discretion.

All money donated will be used solely to
Maintain and continue running our gaming servers!

Please up-vote our servers and have fun!
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