Denied Snorghma - Member Application for Heroes of the Storm & Overwatch


Name / Gamertag:
Snorghma Battletag: Snorghma #1866
Where are you located?:
What division are you applying for?:
Heroes of the Storm & Overwatch
Put any additional information regarding the division your applying for.:
I'm currently rank 19 in Hero League. I peaked at rank 10 in MMR 1.0 and took a break when 2.0 started up.
Why do you want to join Revenant?:
I'm just tired of playing team games that depend on coordination with random people. With Mobas esp. it seems like the true game is in a pre-made 5-man and I want to see the true moba game for what it is. As far as Overwatch goes, I know you all might not be set up for that but I'm looking forward to something happening.
How did you find out about Revenant?:
I saw a post.
Do you belong to any other clans,communities, or guilds?:
Previous Gaming Experience?:
WoW, SC BW, Starcraft 2, TF2 (played in a competitive clan for a while ~5 years ago), SSBM been playing games since I was like 8.
What time do you typical play?:
I usually play around 7PM-10PM CST during the week and during the weekend I'm almost always gaming.
Do you agree with the terms and guidelines?:


Staff member
Declining application due to inactivity and lack of response. If you would like to have this reopened please let me know.