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Hello Gamers!

Do you enjoy playing with Revenant? Would like to see our community grow?
Appreciate the effort we put into hosting quality gaming time?
If the answer to any of those questions is "Yes" PLEASE VOTE!

Voting for Game Servers
Voting for our Game servers helps keep our listings visible.
The more votes, the more visibility our listing gets, the more players will know how to find us.
You can also leave a testimonial comment on any of the forums below if you have something nice to say ;).

ARK: Survival Evolved
VOTE: Ragnarok PvE
VOTE: The Center PvE

VOTE: The Island PvE
VOTE: Aberration PvE

VOTE: Extinction PvE
VOTE: Scorched PvE

Conan Exiles
VOTE: Conan Exiles PvP

Space Engineers
VOTE: Revenant Centauri PvE

7 Days To Die
VOTE: Random GEN PvE

The above server listings can be voted for once every day, and votes are reset every month.
If we get enough people to vote often enough we can essentially stay at the top of the list.

Server Ads
The following are posts we have created for Advertising our servers on various game forums.
These threads can only be bumped once every 24 hours.
Anything more will result in a deletion of the "bump post", and a possible warning for the poster (check time stamp on last bump).
I suggest anyone who wants to help advertise subscribe to these threads.

Ark Server Ads:
Steam Forums Cluster
Official Ark Forums Cluster
(These can be Up-Voted)
Reddit posts

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