Server Instability


Server Admin
Staff member
So as you all know we have experience a lot of server instability since adding some mods. Over the last few weeks we have slowly rolled back those mods. We are currently back to our original configuration. Planets, Skybox, and Speed MODs.

I do NOT know that any mods are causing this issue. However without starting from scratch, this is the only way to find the cause.

I also did some DEEP cleaning. Removing any remnants i could find of the overhaul mods, and asteroids that were not bases.

What if this doesn't fix the issue?

I plan to "Reset" the voxel files for each planet, if crashing continues I may do that sooner than planned.

That will be the last option before I start to Scale back player Limits to find out if we are overdoing it settings wise.

Questions and concerns can be voiced here. For those with IT experience who want to get involved you can reach out to me or @RivaCom privately.

Sorry for all the down time, thank you guys for understanding.