Saytena's Application


Are you over the age of 18?:
Where are you located?:
Fairbanks, AK
What game are you applying for?:
How did you hear about Revenant and what made you apply?:
I have played with some of the members of Rev before, in WoW. Then I saw a familiar name on the forums so I thought I would apply.
Do you have a referral or know anyone in the guild?:
Yes, but don't know if they remember me.
Other info:
In EQ, I was a cleric in the guild Aphelion. We transferred over WoW, where I had characters called Buttons and Muffins. Later on I would join Rift, as a mage named Saytena. In Pantheon, I have Alpha access and I plan on being a healer under the name Saytena.
Do you have a headset or mic equivalent for voice comms?:
Do you accept and support our charter?:


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Welcome! To be honest I was quite shocked to hear from anyone regarding Pantheon. I apologize that I don't recall you or your wife. But we did have a different name prior to Revenant(Equi - something). Any who glad you found us. I'll give you the good news/bad news of the whole situation.

Bad News - Yes I am actively recruiting, I'm active on the forums, reddit community, and I am trying to take off /r/pantheonguilds. I've been a Alpha Kickstarter(didn't have the funds to plunge into pre-alpha and it was too late by the time I did), and am overly excited for this game. That being said, currently the grouping for pantheon is just myself. I know there may be one or two interested folks within the guild but most likely will have to invite them to try it out before they take the plunge. So if you were still interested, it might be a little slow to start.

Good News - I don't plan on going anywhere and I am hyped for pantheon. Hopefully we will see some game time soon here(new year maybe?)

I'll post this to your message on the pantheon forums as well so either way you will see it. Questions/comments/ or whatever feel free to send away.


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Declining due to inactivity. If you would like to reopen please let us know.