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Discussion in 'Rules & Guidelines' started by Rexigar, Nov 24, 2015.

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    Remember that Revenant has been built based on a mutual respect and honesty for the other members in the community.

    Any member or applicant who breaks the rules of our community based on severity will be given a warning, returned to trial status or asked to leave

    This includes Racism, Discrimination, Sexism, Discord abuse (yes this includes being a repeat offender for talking over others).

    We have mutual respect here for one another and if you do not wish to abide by this rule this is not the community for you :)

    All @Officers need to ensure this is enforced and adhered to as well as other members.

    If you are subject to unsavory behavior please feel free to let us know here in a PM, a poke on Discord, a msg on Steam to any officer - whatever way you can contact and we will ensure is dealt with
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