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Welcome To Revenant!

This is a Public PvP Randomly generated map. Here you will have to worry about not only Zombies, but other players as well.

  • Use /commands in game for a list of user functions.
  • Use /help for further command assistance.
  • Use "/pm (playername)" to send a private message
  • Use /re to reply to a private message
  • Use /reward to claim voting prize
VALMOD: We are running the Valmod Overhaul. Players will need to install this MOD manually to get the full experience.

VOTES: Want to play on a busier server? VOTE!! If people cant find our servers they wont. If enough people vote often enough we can stay near the top of the listing. All for free. *Click on the banner below to place a vote*.
*REWARDS* Our 7DTD server will allow users who have voted that day to use /reward to claim a reward.

SERVER GUIDELINES: Guidelines are simple, this is a TRUE PvP map. Admins will not be able to help you against other players. They CAN help with in-game bugs, and enforce server rules.
  • NO cheating. Anyone caught cheating will be permanently banned
  • We do not tolerate harassment of other players, This Includes Hate speech or racial slurs.

If you have an issue In-Game please reach out to @Server Admins, or @Staff in Revenant support via Discord.

ADMINS WANTED - We are looking for players who are interested in running our 7 days server. Become part of the community, and help develop ways to keep the game fun and interesting for all players!

This is a pretty BIG deal! Donations have single handedly driven the growth of our server offerings.
If your having a good time, Donations are why! Please help us keep the Momentum going!!

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