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    Greetings, Overwatch players! The core members of Revenant have been consistently playing Overwatch and all of its various game modes since its release last year. The goal of this forum is to provide information about the game to new players, so they can have a one stop shop for everything we feel would help transition you into the world of Overwatch.

    Below are the core 5 Overwatch players of Revenant Gaming, we consistently play Overwatch and below are our respective Battle Tags. As of the date of this post, combined we have 3,049 Quick Play games, 4,054 Competitive games, for a total of 7,103 games of experience (yes, I did the math). That's not even including Arcade modes! Feel free to add us to chat about Overwatch or select our names to open a link to our Twitch pages.

    See you on the battlefield!

    DrBurns#1794 (No Twitch)





    If you are a fan of tracking your statistics for Overwatch's Quick Play and Competitive, use the below websites to track your stats!


    Master Overwatch
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