Open Division Application for Gears


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User name: Gears

Are you over 18? Yes

Location? USA, Missouri

Did someone refer you to Revenant Gaming? If so who refereed you? Nah, found out about it while casually joining the Spengies server.

What game are you playing currently with Revenant? Space Engineers

Are there any other features or games you'd like to see Revenant Gaming have/host? Eh if I think of any, i'll be glad to mention.

Any other comments or suggestions you'd like to make? I do own 7DtD and Ark, may have to check those out at some point. Also I work a long way from home so I can go inactive in game for a few weeks at a time, but when Im home I tend to play a good bit.

Do you agree to both Revenant's Website/Discord/and Community rules? I Agree


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Approved! Welcome to Revenant, glad to have you in our Open Division. If you have any comments or suggests feel free to let us know!