New Dayz Server -
User name: DoctorTopLeL

Are you over 18? Yes

Location? Romania, Bucharest

Did someone refer you to Revenant Gaming? If so who refereed you? No.

What game are you playing currently with Revenant? (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

Are there any other features or games you'd like to see Revenant Gaming have/host? Team Fortress 2

Any other comments or suggestions you'd like to make? I want to create 2 servers on TF2, one for 12v12 and another one for 16v16 casual gaming, but i want to include both vanilla and custom TF2 maps. Also, no fast respawns, it will be similar to the casual gameplay but it will be sought out by players who want true communication, coordination and a new experience in this game.

Do you agree to both Revenant's Website/Discord/and Community rules? I Agree