Open Division Application for CookiesBeware


Server Tech
SE Admin
Bronze Donor
User name: CookiesBeware

Are you over 18? Yes

Location? USA - East Coast

Did someone refer you to Revenant Gaming? If so who refereed you? D3athBySp0rk

What game are you playing currently with Revenant? Ark

Are there any other features or games you'd like to see Revenant Gaming have/host? None at the moment.

Any other comments or suggestions you'd like to make? I'm a programmer and willing to create discord bots if any needs or uses are desired from one, even if it's just for silly things.

Do you agree to both Revenant's Website/Discord/and Community rules? I Agree


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ARK Admin
SE Admin
Thank you for your patience @CookiesBeware!!

We are doing these manually for now, and have been rather busy lately.

Thank you for taking interest in our community! We also appreciate your willingness to volunteer some skills to help make Rev a cooler place to play.


We host a few other game servers, and have a few other game divisions that may peak your interest.

If you haven't already, join our Steam Group. That is where you'll find any info regarding events for the various Rev servers.

While Donations are NOT required they are the engine that drives the community bus. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

Another FREE way that you can help Revenant Gaming Grow is to Vote for our servers as often as you can!!

Donate Here, or Vote links can be found on their respective game pages. Game pages links are on the main page.

Once Again,

Welcome to Revenant Gaming!!