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How did you hear about Revenant and what made you apply?:
Curiosity and found it on the ark servers site
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Other info:
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Do you accept and support our charter?:


Server Admin
Staff member
Hello LilEmo,

We are a casual gaming community, as pointed out in our charter. Revenant membership is not required to play on our ARK servers. However your more than welcome to become a Rev member!

Before we get too excited, I see your from Australia. I would try and find/log-in to our servers if you haven't already and make sure you'll be happy with the Latency. Our Dedicated machine is located in Montreal. Might not get good ping if your playing from AUS.

Server links here

Let me know if you need further assistance, if all that checks out and you want to be a member let me know. Ill finish processing your request!!