Denied Kitler - Member Application for World of Warcraft


Name / Gamertag:
Where are you located?:
Vancouver, BC
What division are you applying for?:
World of Warcraft
Put any additional information regarding the division your applying for.:
Kitlar, Frost Mage, 687, 12/13N HFC, 4pT18 LFR
Why do you want to join Revenant?:
I like the community aspect. It seems like a place where I would fit into nicely. It's something I've been looking for since returning to WoW a few months ago.
How did you find out about Revenant?:
WoW-Stormrage forums
Do you belong to any other clans,communities, or guilds?:
I'm currently a member of <Fallen Shadows> on Stormrage.
Previous Gaming Experience?:
WoW, League, SC2, Theme Hospital, various Xbox titles, The Sims, and many many others.
What time do you typical play?:
Evenings (after 5pm PST) and weekends
Do you agree with the terms and guidelines?:


Staff member
Greetings Kitler. We are always looking for good players. We usually do a trial run with potential recruits. Would you be available to come with us tomorrow? You can add me to Real ID for easier communication or just send me a PM on here. (Rexigar#1245).

Talk to you soon.


Hi Rexigar,

I actually just joined a new guild last night and I'm happy here for now. I'll let you know if anything changes.

Thanks for the opportunity!