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Increasing Platform Saddle Strucutre Limit


New member
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Hey Guys!

So recently the Scortched Earth server was introducted to the cluster of godly servers and i decided to give the nomadic life a try. To my dismay i had hit the structure limit faster than i could install a roof. I was hoping we could get together and get the limit upped for SE, nothing insane but enough to have a small 3x3 base with all the luxuries.

*First thread post on the forum for me :D *
Thanks for your time,
Stephen G.


Server Admin
Staff member
Ill have to take a look. We do have the limit increased... but they have monkeyed with the mechanics since we made that change. I think there may be a few new settings i need to fiddle with.

Just went to look for where i posted that info... and as it turns out... i failed to post it. :LOL:

Ill get that fixed, and let you know about the limits asap