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    Part of making Revenant Gaming a successful community, is establishing itself in many different games throughout many different platforms. But with limited time and staff, it makes it hard to lead every game. So to aid us in expansion, we will reach out to other new guild/clan leaders and offer them a home at Revenant.

    We do not want to merge if
    • Large and Small guilds, please do not come into this if you're only concern is member count. We can not offer or promise a higher member count by coming over to Revenant.
    • Do not come to us if you are not willing to pull the plug on your old website, and point all your new users to the new site. It's either all or nothing.

    We do want you to merge if
    • You are a guild leader/clan leader who wants to expand, grow, and share similar ideas to ours. We are gamers who want a great gaming community.
    • If you believe merging will not only benefit your current members, but allow you to grow outside your current game.

    Advantages to merging

    • Established Domain - We have owned for multiple years and can use it for everything including email, websites, pointers to servers. We do not have any third party dns(IE: enjin, dyndns, etc)
    • Established Website with software - We use commercial forum software that is always the most up to date for our needs. If there is something the site needs, we will find it, create it, or move to it. The site is constantly changing for our users needs.
    • Paid Voice Server - We pay for our voice server(s), other then service outages, there should never be a moment of interruption for voice chat.
    • Other Server - Based on the request and size, were willing to find a affordable solution to other server needs. Such as Minecraft, Source Servers, and more. We want our members happy and offering servers is the least we can do.


    Q. So am I just giving my members up? and lose my guild?
    Absolutely not, If you were leading your guild then, you would be leading your guild now. Leaders of the guild and officers would fill the same position they are currently in. Just under the Revenant name. Think of it as your running a Guild for a Community of Guilds. For leaders who want to do more, we are also looking for a few individuals to fill other positions( Not exactly sure if your current ranks will fit? Contact me and we'll make it work.

    Q. Would I get admin rights to servers? The website?
    A. Yes, all Leaders get full admin access to their Game Servers(where available), Voice servers(giving you the ability to add/remove users, kick, ban etc., and admin access to the website allowing you to add/move/delete posts, users, and anything else you wish to moderate.

    Q. What is your Ranking Structure like?
    A. For each Game that Revenant Plays, the Structure is designed to the liking of the Division Leaders and Officers. However the Revenant Hierarchy is based on a 3 Tier system. Community Staff / Division Leaders / Member.

    Q. What are my job requirements with joining Revenant?
    A. You will be part of the Admin team running the division. So your jobs include recruiting, Your division's Forum Administration, Group Administration, Roster Administration, Your division's Guild Discussions, Mumble Administration, and More.

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