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Denied Durmast - Member Application for Heroes of the Storm


New member
Name / Gamertag:
Cordell / Corporeal#1150 / Durmast
Where are you located?:
Newfoundland, Canada - (00:30 Ahead of EST)
What division are you applying for?:
Heroes of the Storm
Put any additional information regarding the division your applying for.:
HotS; Rank 37 Hero League. Main Support(LiLi) / Flex .
Why do you want to join Revenant?: I would Like to join a casual environment that allows me to expand and improve on my skills with potentially having a few windows open down the road with more competitive play.
How did you find out about Revenant?:
Do you belong to any other clans,communities, or guilds?:
Not at the moment , I Havent been logging as many hours into games as I used to due to the birth of my firstborn.
Previous Gaming Experience?
Have played various games since I was 13 , Lots of hours logged into such games as Halo2/WoW/PSO:1&2/COD:MW2/LoL.
What time do you typical play?:
Do you agree with the terms and guidelines?:
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Active member
Staff member
Application denied due to inactivity. If you would like to appeal please let us know.