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Welcome Survivors!

To Revenant Gaming’s unofficial Shigoislands PvP server!
No Flyers!!!

PvP Mission: Fortify and defend! Start fresh and prepare for battle, because in 21 days the flood gates open!!

Our PvP Server: Is located in Montreal and open the public. Along with a few quality of life mods, we have boosted rates to ease the pain of grinding in a harsh PvP environment. The map is part of our PvE cluster, but for the first 21 days all transfers are LOCKED. Once the map has been live for 21 days we will allow all transfers into the map. Items and Dinos can not leave the map, with the exception of War Season Prizes (See 'Vote To Wipe' Below).

War Zone Settings:
Server Guidelines:
  • Basic stuff... No harassment, Cheating, Greifing.
    • Greifing: Repeat killing new bro's (lvl 30 and down), capturing players for an excessive/unnecessary amount of time, Killing in progress tames
  • Please raid with purpose No "Wiping" Bases, and NO C4 against stone (does not include World PvP)
  • All Thatch/Wood players have the right to Immunity unless they attack first
  • We ask that players do not build in areas that block valuable resources such as metal nodes, beaver dams, underwater caves, etc.
  • We do not tolerate harassment of other players, griefing, or cheating. This Includes Hate speech or racial slurs.
Vote To Wipe: Once the server has been open for 90 days, it will be eligible for a Vote to Wipe/Change the map. If most players are still enjoying the war season there is no reason we wouldn't let it keep going. A vote to "wipe" the map would need a 75% majority to pass. If/When we Vote to Wipe each player will be able to take 1 Dino, and 2 Items off the map as a War Season Prize.

Administrator Responsibilities: Admins will at their discretion kick or ban anyone who repeatedly violates our server guidelines, cheats, or harasses other players. Admin intervention is primarily to help players circumvent any serious issues resulting from server related bugs, or glitches.

For in-game assistance, or any other questions regarding Revenant Gaming Ark Servers please mention @ARK Admins via Discord.

Join our Steam Group, or speak out via the Ark Discussion Forum.

Administrators: Sipowicz, Zegan, DudeAwesome, Ryowatanabe201

*Rules are subject to change ANY time at community discretion.
*Transfers only work from WITH-IN our cluster

All money donated will be used solely to
Maintain and continue running our gaming servers!

Please up-vote our server and have fun!
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