New Dayz Server -


Name / Gamertag:
Kris / Arcite
Where are you located?:
Central Maryland
What division are you applying for?:
Heroes of the Storm
Put any additional information regarding the division your applying for.:
Probably a Flex player, best Characters are Abathur, Muradin, Raynor, and Tyrande
Why do you want to join Revenant?:
Read a post on Heroes Fire and it seemed like a good fit, I'm looking for a team, Revenant is looking for casual competitive Americans.

Note: I do want to travel to tournaments and try to play at Blizzcon :)
How did you find out about Revenant?:
Heroes Fire
Do you belong to any other clans,communities, or guilds?:
Previous Gaming Experience?:
Halo 2 and World of Warcraft were the only games I played on a diehard level. Trying to get there with HotS and Hearthstone
What time do you typical play?:
Evenings 7pm-10pm est
Do you agree with the terms and guidelines?: