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Name/Nick: Brazen or Matthias

Location? East Coast of the US

What is your current age? 20

What game do you primarily plan on playing with Revenant? DayZ Standalone

What other games do you plan on playing with Revenant? None

What game have you played in the past?(List any major games/guilds/servers) Before my move to PC gaming, I was a part of two different gaming communities on Xbox. Both had over 1,400 members spread throughout CoD, Halo, GoW, and Battlefield. In these communities, I was a Commander. For background, a Commander manages a squad of around 60 to 100 members with different events, tournaments, game nights, meetings, and other social gatherings. In case you were wondering, these communities were called Disciples of Gaming and Evolution Gaming. I was known as DoG DeathGrip and EG Brazen Bull, depending on the community. Recently, I switched over to PC and because of that I am no longer a part of either of those communities.

Why did you choose to apply to Revenant? When I came over to PC, my first thought was "Man, it sucks not being with a community anymore" and so here I am, wanting to be a part of a community that I can game with and help out.

Have you read and do you agree to Guidelines/Rules listed here ( Certainly.


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b and ? The harlem shake one freaked me out lol.

Anyway, we are always looking for people who can take on a bigger role in the community.

Below you can find important information regarding Revenant Gaming!
TS Info located:
Steam Group:

We ask that you please join and subscribe to the twitch channel located here:

If there is anything else you may need, let me know. Welcome to Revenant! Please try to participate either ingame/TS or forums so we know you're still around.


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Those are the ones!

And I know what you mean! The first time that I clicked on that, I was in one of our Leadership meeting where we would decide on the policies and the direction of the community. Keep in mind that this was at like 11pm on a work day where everyone was pretty tired and that song start blasting in the background. Needless to say, everyone freaked out and I started my hate-hate relationship with that button.