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Aberration and PvE

Aberration PvP or PvE

  • Let's go with PvE, its a better fit for our community.

    Votes: 4 80.0%
  • Don't give up on PvP, we can make it work.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I just wanna eat rocks.

    Votes: 1 20.0%

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Server Admin
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  • Do you prefer the server to be in PvE mode?
Do you think it would help activity if anything?

Basically we set the server to PvP to boost activity, that clearly didn't help. Most players preferred PvE even though they supported trying something new. Do we want to go back to PvE? Maybe at least then new PvE players would be more likely to join.

A few players feel it may still be possible to get PvP to happen, and im willing to hear more on that idea. So far any other approach I've seen would be very hard for admins to oversee.

There are some new tools available ( that can allow us to take advantage of more structured PvP (timers, tribe wars, events) BUT IMO I think the servers base setting should be PvE.

ORP2 Gotta go. We're pushing it by still havin this on the map. Were lucky we haven't run into any serious issues yet.

IF we go back to PvE settings on Aberration (rates, S+ Engrams, ect.) will be changed to match the other servers. The only reason those were Raised/Added was to compensate for the added difficultly of PvP.

Other Things to consider IF this is something you guys wanna do:
--We can revisit some of those engrams
--We can give AB some "Slight" taming/maturing boosts (3x-vs-2x) over the other servers
--We plan to implement some sort of Voluntary PvP system either way
--This is it, we wont be making this change possible on this server again.
--IF players vote YES to go PvE, we will schedule that change. We hash out details first, and get them posted, then make changes

Ur Homie,


75% majority wins this vote!
(Rock chewer %age not factored)
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Definitely agree with pve and lowering gather rates and such as well as making all rates the same across the servers.

However, we do hope that breeding/hatching/maturation be turned up to 3x across all maps as we are very into the breeding aspect and simply don't have time to sit all day watching babies as we are adults and have jobs/lives.

Also, about the pull feature, it is so nice to have and we don't necessarily agree that it makes things too easy, you still gotta farm resources and such, just helps speed crafting items along a bit. So we would love to see it on all maps as well and hopefully not removed completely.

Just our thoughts, but we love being here and the community and we will stay no matter what c:

Thank you Sipo and Admins!


Server Admin
Staff member
I’m not opposed to raising breeding rates across the board. Also, ill take a closer look at the pulling feature. If i find it, in its current state, to be a healthy game addition ill consider it. I do believe it’s configurable, that may help us. If I can be ok with both of those things, and the community is ok with any changes to the other maps, we can do it. In the meantime, i won’t pull those features from AB until we know if we are gonna add them to the others or not.

And Thank YOU, for being a part of the Community!
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