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Welcome To Revenant!

We have opened a 7 Days To Die server. This is a Public PvE Randomly generated map. This means you can kill your friends/ally's (you know, for funzies :p), But strangers can not be killed (this setting is up for discussion, just ask in this forum). That also goes for any other settings (which are currently default), or modifications. Suggestions welcome!!

  • Use /commands in game for a list of user functions.
  • Use /help for further command assistance.
  • Use "/pm (playername)" to send a private message
  • Use /re to reply to a private message
  • Use /reward to claim voting prize
VALMOD: We are running the Valmod Expansion Pack. Players will need to install this MOD manually to get the full experience.

VOTES: Want to play on a busier server? VOTE!! If people cant find our servers they wont. If enough people vote often enough we can stay near the top of the listing. All for free. *Click on the banner below to place a vote*.
*REWARDS* Our 7DTD server will allow users who have voted that day to use /reward to claim a reward.

This is a pretty BIG deal! Donations have single handedly driven the growth of our server offerings. If your having a good time, Donations are why! Please help us keep the Momentum going!!

SERVER GUIDELINES: Rules are simple. Play nice. If you can't play friendly, then you wont be able to play here. Surviving against the Zombies is tough enough :eek:

*We do not tolerate harassment of other players, griefing, or cheating. This Includes Hate speech or racial slurs.

If you have an issue In-Game please reach out to @Server Admins, or @Staff in Revenant support via Discord.

ADMINS WANTED - Ask about becoming a Revenant server Admin in discord!!

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Not open for further replies.