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  1. RivaCom

    Pending Team Division Application for Vane*

    Hi Vane, we currently do not have an established Dota2 team but are looking for leadership. If you are still looking please shoot me a message.
  2. RivaCom

    Open Division Application for D3athbySp0rk

    Welcome! I've moved you to member status and Welcome to the Open Division!
  3. RivaCom

    Open Division Application for Hauk

    Welcome Hauk! Glad to have another Space Engineers Candidate. I've approved this app and moved you into member status.
  4. RivaCom

    Open Division Application for Gears

    Approved! Welcome to Revenant, glad to have you in our Open Division. If you have any comments or suggests feel free to let us know!
  5. RivaCom

    Open Division Application for TwistedUSMC

    Added you on steam but you haven't been on, also looks like you left discord(unless your name is different). If you would still like to get in contact shoot me a message on discord.
  6. RivaCom

    Open Division Application for Dtowngrizzly214

    I have not heard back so I am Declining the application. Feel free to post another application if you'd like to apply.
  7. RivaCom

    Open Division Application for Travail Kittin

    Hi Travail! Thanks for Joining up! I will not flag you for member in the Open Division!
  8. RivaCom

    Open Division Application for QQAT

    Hi QQAT, We currently don't have any active divisions for either, but I would be interested to hear about working with us(as you mentioned). Give me a message on Steam or Discord when your available.
  9. RivaCom

    Open Division Application for Crozer99

    Hi Croozer99! I'll go ahead and approve your status for the Open Division. Please keep in mind the rules of the community and leave us any comments / questions you may have! Thanks for checking us out!
  10. RivaCom

    Open Division Application for Bill

    Hi Bill! Welcome to Revenant. I'll go ahead and approve your status for the Open Division. Feel free to send us any comments and questions you may have.
  11. RivaCom

    Open Division Application for Dtowngrizzly214

    Hi Dtowngrizzly214, I don't believe we have anyone in the community regularly playing ghost recon, or black ops 4. Would you be interested in leading a division for either? Also I believe the answer is no but is there dedicated servers for Black ops 4?
  12. RivaCom

    Revenant Gaming's First Ever Tournament!!

    Hey everyone, wanted to invite all Revenent Gaming Members to Revenant's First Hosted Tournament. Our game of choice will be the F2P Card Game Hearthstone. The tournament is based on a weekly special game in Hearthstone called Tavern Brawl. Every Wednesday at 1pm a new Tavern Brawl is...
  13. RivaCom

    Looking to Join

    Hi DarkkSkyrow! Welcome to the community! Forgive the mismash of site nonsense right now as awe are currently in the process of fixing a lot of stuff.
  14. RivaCom

    Switching from Space Engineers to Empyrion

    The only problem is I don't think we have a lot of players with Emp, so to tell all of our SE players hey, were switching off SE so go buy Emp wouldn't be the best move. We can def. consider opening a Emp server but I don't think at the cost of a SE Server.
  15. RivaCom

    Open Staff Positions

    Recruitment Manager of Console Gaming - In charge of Divisions under Console Gaming, it is there choice on what Division’s should start up and who runs them, they help resolve any issues that are happening and help build towards the future of the Console Gaming Divisions Division Leaders -...
  16. RivaCom

    New Staff

    Hello All you Revenantians ? I just wanted to take a quick second to introduce two members who are going to help out around the house. So please welcome DudeAwesome and Darkele to the ranks of Community Managers - Recruitment. They will be assisting in the day to day operations to get...
  17. RivaCom

    The State of Revenant - April edition

    Hello Revenant Members and Future Members! It's been a long time coming and we want to give a little bit of info on future projects. As a community we are always looking for community feedback. To start, you may have noticed a site redesign. New skin, new features and new software. Current...
  18. RivaCom

    Post your Battlestations

    @Westicles I need a 9 FT by 30 in desk here pronto, lets go go go!
  19. RivaCom

    Post your Battlestations

    When it's 80+ out, it's about 60 or so in the basement. It's not bad. So I prefer summer over the cool NY winters. Yes it is the X540, although I only have the 3 speakers hooked up atm. Also for anyone that's wondering the speaker looking thing on the back of my chair is a bass shaker, adds...
  20. RivaCom

    Post your Battlestations

    Ok, Don't have a decent picture yet. But this will have to do as I'm always changing stuff. Unfortunately I've always been banished to the basement so it's cold 99% of the time. Waiting on @Sipowicz to come finish it for me. Anyway , I introduce you to my Family/Streaming setup. Main...