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  1. Phillip

    Valguero "Fix" Mod

    REV Survivors! When Valguero was announced, they had a lot of dinos in the trailer that didn't actually make it to the final cut - The original DEVs for the map had intent for more items to be put in (caves, dinos, resources, etc.) but WC decided to take those out/not include them when they...
  2. Phillip

    Dino storage settings.

    that's what I liked doing too, but the nanny doesn't recognize them as owned when you re-release them because they were never "claimed" even though they're green.
  3. Phillip

    Dino storage settings.

    I'd also like to see this added "RequireOwnership=true" This way babies need to be claimed before they can be souled. Currently, if you soul an unclaimed baby, the nanny won't feed them when you release unless you manually unclaim, then reclaim. This way, you won't be able to soul until...
  4. Phillip

    Putting the Titanosaur to Work

    ^ Correct
  5. Phillip

    Better Spawn Distribution

    This sounds wonderful. Only "issues" I could see is people who have built in high risk areas getting stomped on by higher levels now... But that should also be understood once you build in a risky spawn space. I'm all for it.
  6. Phillip

    Phillip's Kibble Sales

    Hey y'all, noticing more people asking for kibble pretty regularly on the sever and in the Discord, so I thought about starting a Kibble Sale Program. Tag me in Discord, or ask in Global. I'm on a lot of evenings, so most chances I'll be available. 1k meat for 20 most kibble 2k meat for 20...
  7. Phillip

    Putting the Titanosaur to Work

    From what I've read, a titanosaur renders just as "rough" as a dilo.... But just in raw size, I'd agree with the 1 per tribe limit
  8. Phillip

    Putting the Titanosaur to Work

    Definitely an interesting addition... From what I've read, they're a difficult tame, and to maintain too. Curious their effects on the server performance.. and can we set a tribe limit? A base with 2-3 Titans outside of it would be ridiculous. Lol
  9. Phillip

    WhiteWalkers PVP Event

    Server is PvE, meaning we can't just walk up and start attacking your stuff, but on PvE servers you can start PvP events by opening a "Tribe War" Attacking tribes will create an alliance, then a member of that alliance will initiate a "Tribe War" with WhiteWalkers. The 'event' will be a battle...
  10. Phillip

    Trophy Transfers

    Trophies are drops from dinos inside an ark when you kill them (Argy talon, spino sail, thyla claw, etc.). These trophies are required to initiate boss difficulties on different maps. "Issue" for you would be, when you get to the point on island that you were done with island bosses, and ready...
  11. Phillip

    Mutator vs Nanny for Imprinting

    I don't feel like the nanny is accomplishing what we were looking for it to do... It's helpful for sure, but the imprints still required after the nanny does her job makes it almost harder now to properly time out your imprints/hatches to get 100%, and its still waking up at 3AM to hit them if...
  12. Phillip

    **Settings and MOD suggestions** (S+ SETTINGS)

    If it doesn't pick up the eggs for you, I could see the use without it being SUPER op... But it does omit a lot of the steps in incubating eggs. BUT CAN YOU STORE MAMMALS IN IT AT 1%?? lol
  13. Phillip

    **Settings and MOD suggestions** (S+ SETTINGS)

    what's the hatchery do? I'd be down to post up a poll/thread and consolidate a pros/cons on all aspects of the mod into a vote post. I can't imagine tribes/players being opposed to it, but I really enjoy the communication with this cluster and all players/staff, so people should be able to...
  14. Phillip

    Trophy Transfers

    Yes and no... To craft the amount of ele you get from one boss battle takes some serious prep. Elemental Ore is, after all, at the bottom of the map. Making 400 in a day is a loooot of material to go through. Being a pve cluster, I don't see any advantages to being able to transfer element...
  15. Phillip

    Trophy Transfers

    ^^ Not sure the community's thoughts on element being transferable cluster wide, but that mod can take care of trophies as well as element transfer.
  16. Phillip

    Trophy Transfers
  17. Phillip

    An Argument for Scorched Earth

    Is there public draw to an SE server? I've never played that map, but already finding issue in maintaining 2 maps without even looking at a 3rd (hardly play island) I do like the idea of a new environment/SE exclusives. I don't personally play island at all for that main reason - everything...
  18. Phillip

    WhiteWalkers PVP Event

  19. Phillip

    **VOTE** Baby Cuddle Interval

    what do they do for imprinting?
  20. Phillip

    Revenant's PVE Revelation!