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  1. Chemayla

    Dino storage settings.

    I have released them in caves but it is a PAIN when you cant release it when someone is nearby - I would think that is more a pvp mechanic which shouldn't affect us.
  2. Chemayla

    Putting the Titanosaur to Work

    If we cna breed them it could be like the unicorns where we just pass them around.
  3. Chemayla

    Update S+ Settings.

    Neither one bothers me. It's not like it hard to move poop and demoing, I know when admins demo a structure for and even or something it really messes with server.
  4. Chemayla

    Crafting Element scrolls on Extinction

    I just craft the stuff then move it around, same idea its ust work-around so technically Im still moving it around.
  5. Chemayla

    WOW- Drama stories

    One of the funniest video I laughed at was he decided after not doing it for years to heal a dungeon run , the whole time he is yelling at the other guys who are chain pulling, standing in stuff, and not letting him get mana was funny. ( specially since Im a healer)
  6. Chemayla

    Pokemon event

    We do have the nice area - fyi Zee syays dodo fighting is must. I like the just put em on aggro and see who wins
  7. Chemayla

    Trophy Transfers

    I mentioned this before too, sucks we cant use our trophies. And it certainly doesn't effect game play. If we could do all the differnt bosses on any server we wouldnt need to but thats is not possible.
  8. Chemayla

    **Settings and MOD suggestions** (S+ SETTINGS)

    Suggestion: one of my fave dino painting mods is finally updated ----> Dino Colorizer Its a paint gun you use and it paints the dinos color regions. (It is just paint not color changing but it paints the whole dino zones...
  9. Chemayla

    **VOTE** Baby Cuddle Interval

    MATS: 250 × Cementing Paste 100 × Hide 50 × Human Hair 100 × Metal Ingot Acts as feeding trough for baby-stage creatures. Will periodically provide 1% imprint to nearby, non-adult creatures. An upper cap can be set in the server settings. Can place Preserving Salt in inventory. Powered...
  10. Chemayla

    **VOTE** Baby Cuddle Interval

    Is there a way to change it just for those dinos. While doing a rex there is no way I can't get up in middle of night 8 hours is even pushing it sometimes. Not sure how nanny works to maybe compensate that? I know with our rates the roo has been pretty worthless for impressions, they too big...
  11. Chemayla

    New Toys for ARK!

    I heard the currency mod is really nice. On a pvp server they even put bounty on people for currency.
  12. Chemayla

    PvP Server, Yes... Again!!

    As long as I have time and ability (which sometimes can be difficult) to transfer all my dinos first to rag. Im happy
  13. Chemayla

    Approved Chemayla's Application

    Nickname: Chemayla Are you over the age of 18?: Yes Where are you located?: PA What game are you applying for?: How did you hear about Revenant and what made you apply?: Forums Do you have a referral or know anyone in the guild?: not at first but I know lot of you now that I've been playing Ark...
  14. Chemayla

    Halloween Hunt

    Got some witch hats and we had fun.
  15. Chemayla

    Pics for 4x breeding event

    Was awesome thought I'd share a few pics.
  16. Chemayla

    The New Deal

    It's nice to have all 3 available I'm not a pvp type but I have friends that only want pvp in ark.