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  1. Davkas

    Whats your top three favourite game songs?

    So here are my picks, with links, please enjoy. Number 3: Deadman's gun - Red Dead Redemption. Perfect song for the ending of second best game I played on PS3. Number 2: Normandy Reborn - Mass Effect 2 First video game (and video game song) to make me cry. Number 1: Still alive -...
  2. Davkas

    Europa Universalis IV (Screenshots and explainations)

    Good evening all, that's right it's time for another rambling chat by you most average socially challenged user Davkas, so shut up and sit down. Be prepared for tedious rambling! So to begin with just what is Europa Universalis IV? Well instead of me giving my glorified (and exceedingly boring...
  3. Davkas

    Convince me to buy DayZ, with cunning arguments.

    Good evening all. My name is Davkas, I recently signed up to join this wonderful, albeit crazy, community of thus far kind and understanding (& one crazy hatchet person {you know who you are [even if I'm not sure who you are.]}) I would welcome your input, so onto the meat and bones of this...