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    Home-made project with a raspberry pi

    I have a PI myself and have been looking to do various projects. If I get the time, it may be an idea to look at expanding is into its own area, potentially showcasing some really small games.
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    Star Wars Battlefront

    That's not a bad clan idea @RivaCom .....
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    On my wish list

    Must admit laptop gaming has never inspired me. If you are on the toilet, tracking around with a keyboard an mouse is like trying to take a pee with gardening gloves on. If you are using it on a desk, why not just have a PC?
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    The Walking Dead Episode 2

    it really depends what you are watching it for. If you are following the comics, it's apparently an important part of the series. If you are following it for brutal zombie scenes, it's a load of rubbish and I wouldn't bother with s7
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    The Walking Dead Episode 2

    I wonder what peoples opinions are now that the seasons have progressed somewhat?
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    Keep talking and nobody explodes.

    Certainly looks interesting, question is how quickly would it lose appeal? $15 is quite a fair price for that I reckon.
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    VPN FTW :)
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    A great project looking for funding

    I like the idea of it, but the range concerns me a bit. Unless there was serious up-take, the usefulness would be next to none once you move more than say 50 meters away. So if you lose something out and about you are stuffed unless someone else has the same device. The community part of it is...