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  1. Approved Team Division Application for ATMOSFEAR

    Moving application to Approved ;). Welcome to Revenant~
  2. [Breeding] List of tamed/bred Velo stats

    Courtesy of Phetty:
  3. [Breeding] List of tamed/bred Velo stats

    Courtesy of Ally:
  4. [Breeding] List of tamed/bred Velo stats

    If you don't mind include a screenshot of your currently tamed Velonosaurs if you're interested in cross breeding with other tribes so that we can try to breed up some good ones. The goal here is to build something along the lines of 40 health, 40 stam, 40 damage. With the right levels you can...
  5. Open Division Application for CookiesBeware

    User name: CookiesBeware Are you over 18? Yes Location? USA - East Coast Did someone refer you to Revenant Gaming? If so who refereed you? D3athBySp0rk What game are you playing currently with Revenant? Ark Are there any other features or games you'd like to see Revenant Gaming...