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  1. Sipowicz

    Ark Committee

    Not very long ago we created a new group/channel in Discord Called "Ark Committee". The purpose of this group is to organize discussion between members of our ARK community about the future direction of our ARK servers. This includes ideas like: Settings Mods Events Future servers...
  2. Sipowicz

    New Games to Host???

    Doesn't have to be Harold, But steam games are much easier.
  3. Sipowicz

    New Games to Host???

    I am working on space engineers. I didn't realize how much could be done with the game server side. Ive started downloading mods and so far have found i can host the whole solar system (although not to scale fortunately). There also seems to be no limit to speed on this map which i really...
  4. Sipowicz

    Server Settings, and MOD Suggestions

    These are some good suggestions. Some of these mods ive already been eyeing. As i have time, ill do some more research and see what makes sense for our cluster.
  5. Sipowicz

    New Games to Host???

    We have more room on the server box. We are looking to host more games. I have some ideas for what we can run, but id like to hear from our members first. If you have any ideas, feel free to nominate a game by commenting on this post. If this thread sees enough action we'll hold a vote. If...
  6. Sipowicz

    Revenant site under construction!!

  7. Sipowicz

    PVP Map Change

    Sorry for the delayed response gents, been sooper busy. SO This server is on a Vote to Wipe schedule. 90 days after server opening it will be eligible for a vote to Wipe/ and or Change the map. I can support doing this early, but we need nearly unanimous support. Based on the responses here...
  8. Sipowicz

    Tribe Voice Channels on Discord

    ARK Tribes can now request their OWN Voice channels in discord. Tribe leaders can contact @Sipowicz, here on or on discord to request a Discord voice channel. Channels will not be visible to anyone not in the tribe. Tribe leaders must submit a list of members who can have access (Discord...
  9. Sipowicz

    Pending Lil_Emo20's Application

    Hello LilEmo, We are a casual gaming community, as pointed out in our charter. Revenant membership is not required to play on our ARK servers. However your more than welcome to become a Rev member! Before we get too excited, I see your from Australia. I would try and find/log-in to our...
  10. Sipowicz

    Aberration and PvP

    Im glad you get my point. Not sure what the rest of your post is going on about then.... but I fixed it for you! :cool:
  11. Sipowicz

    Aberration and PvP

    As much as I respect the opinions of our players, I can not sympathize with those who choose not to be a voice in this discussion thread. Especially those who would consider leaving our "Friendly, Hard working" community before taking part in the discussion that shapes the servers we play on...
  12. Sipowicz

    Aberration and PvP

    Ok guys Poll is up, ill have transferres enabled by tomorrow morning unless this poll shows some sort of hidden demographic, :p
  13. Sipowicz

    Aberration and PvP

    Im not really sure what to say to that.... Considering the amount of time that was put into this plan on my behalf alone (not to mention other members), and the amount of consideration that went into what players would want.... I have to say you are WAY off base.
  14. Sipowicz

    Aberration and PvP

    Currently (as of last night) The rates are 3x for Leveling and Gathering, and 6x for Taming, and Breeding. We want the rates to be a little higher for PvP, (Aberration is already a really tough map anyways), how do we sit with these? These are permanent, and we wouldn't be doing event boosts...
  15. Sipowicz

    Aberration and PvP

    @BrentscLuTcH Edit - 1/30 I missed this the other day. I realize you misread his message. But even if he did mean what you thought he meant.... Please keep your responses respectful. Seems like you misread. He is having trouble posting edits to his posts. So he has to make a new post to...
  16. Sipowicz

    Aberration and PvP

    Well let me be the one to set the record and purpose straight, in terms of what "We" Revenant Gaming is trying to do. Provide a DIVERSE game cluster for players. PvE... AND!!!! PvP. Provide ACTIVE servers for both modes ALLOW players to experience the various modes from one player/character...
  17. Sipowicz

    Aberration and PvP

    So i think the issue that was raised before was, in that configuration players could send Valuable BP's into a PvE environment make use of them there, transfer the goods back. Sounds fine except those BP's would be taken out of the PvP scene and leans PvP a little closer to being pointless. I...
  18. Sipowicz

    Aberration and PvP

    are we talking about just letting items in?
  19. Sipowicz

    Aberration and PvP

    Thank you for giving this a shot! Having put SO much time into this game, we FULLY understand the issues being raised with these changes. I don't take them lightly. As to your concerns Tribe member limit should be currently set to 6 players, A tribe can have up to 2 alliances, and an...
  20. Sipowicz

    PvP Server, Yes... Again!!

    So in other words no raiding at all if your below the metal/turret threshold? Edit - Not to include World PvP